Tsavo East Destinations

  • Ithumba Camp ($ pppn)

    Amazing, rustic camp, run for the benefit of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. It is close to the Ithumba re-integration unit of the DSWT (one of three locations where older elephant orphans are prepared for release back into the wild), and ideal as a base for visiting the DSWT stockades. One must buy and take your own food to this camp, although there are staff there to help prepare the food. The drive in is long and rough, and a flight may be a better option.

  • Ashnil Aruba Lodge ($ pppn)

    Lodge located almost an hour into Tsavo, on the banks of the Aruba Dam, with 40 rooms.

  • Galdessa ($ pppn)

    Located on the banks of the Galana River, and closer to the Manyani Gate than Voi, this is a quality tented camp.

  • Satao Camp ($ pppn)

    Quality tented camp with 20 tents, rustic and integrated into the environment. Over an hour into the park from Voi gate.

  • Voi Safari Lodge ($ pppn)

    Basic lodge located close inside the park, close to the Voi gate.

  • Voi Wildlife Lodge ($ pppn)

    Basic lodge located just outside the Voi gate, with a good watering hole attraction.

  • Zomeni Lion Hill ($70-78 pppn)

    Basic lodge located just outside the Voi gate.