We Have A New Logo & Website!

We Have A New Logo & Website!

Visitors to our wonderful corner of the world are often welcomed with a warm, melodious jambo in greeting. The Swahili language is the lingua franca of East Africa, and can be used to informally reach out to many Kenyans, Tanzanians and sometimes Ugandans and Rwandans. Visitors quickly adopt this easy salutation, and use it to connect with local people they encounter.

If you spent a little more time here, you may discover that jambo actually translates to “affair, condition, issue, matter, circumstance, thing,” and the official greeting should be to ask whether someone has any affair/condition/issue that they would like to report to you. Hujambo? Or if you are addressing a plural/respected group, hamjambo? “Don’t you have any matter to report?” With the implication that it would be better if there was no issue to report, because then there is no problem, and life is tootling along happily and smoothly.

The hoped-for answer is sijambo; I have nothing to report. Hatujambo; we have nothing to report. Subtext: all is cool.

The conversation may then move on to habari. News. Not news with any negative connotation – that has already been covered with the jambo-ing. No, habari allows us to move onto the neutral news. And the good news.

And, boy, do we have good news? Discover Kenya Safaris and Discover Tanzania Safaris are re-branding, re-launching and generally doing some new things. Re-newing, you might say.

We have a new logo. I know many might be sad to see our old comical elephant camber off screen, but we are all excited by our new elephant, silhouetted against the sunset, yearning to be seated in that jeep, cool under the shade of the acacia.

We also have a new website, evidently. It gives us a clean, elegant platform to share information with you about our beloved parks, animals, hotels and trips. Right now, we just have the setup, and over the next few months, following this launch, we will supplement our various sections to make our website as helpful to you as possible.

We have a social media presence. Please come visit our facebook and twitter pages, leave a suggestion for us, post a memory from a past safari, or commiserate with us on the increasingly worrying incidents of poaching.

So, to recap; hatujambo. But we have great habari. Welcome to the new Discover Safaris.


  • Thomas Töpfer

    Congrats to your new Website. Looks wonderful. Looking forward to see you again.
    Thanks for many years of support.

    Thomas Töpfer and Rettet die Elefanten Afrikas from Germany.